Shipping Policy






Sincerely Home Designs ships to U.S and Canada.

Make sure you are shipping to a secure location. We are not responsible for stolen packages.

You are responsible for entering the correct delivery address for your package. Any returned packages will be subject to returned shipping fees.


Domestic (within the US)

All orders are processed within 1-4 days. Orders take 5-7business days from shipment date to be delivered.

Sincerely Home Designs offers the following shipping processes:

  • USPS: First class 2-5 business days transit $8 -$20 (depends on weight)
  • Priority 1 Day: 1-2 day transit $10-$28 (depends on weight)
  • orders over $100 receive free shipping 

Please make sure the address we are shipping to is a secure address. If packages are stolen we will try our best to help but we are not responsible for any lost or stolen packages.